Mobile phone contracts

If you are in the market for a mobile phone contract, i.e. you would like to choose a provider of mobile phone services and pay your monthly bill according to your contractual commitment, then you are seeking a postpaid mobile phone service. In the UK, there are several carriage service providers from which you may choose, all of which are providing not only mobile phone service, where you can make calls from your mobile phone, but also a mobile internet connection, SMS instant messaging as well MMS multimedia messaging and a plethora of other services that you can subscribe to, mostly against a flat fee. This subscription includes a certain amount of minutes air time, internet bandwidth traffic, SMS and MMS messages, depending on the plan you choose.


How to pick a provider

The provider or carrier is the company that will provide the mobile phone service to you during the contractual obligation you decide to sign up for. According to your needs and preferences, but also depending on the mobile phone device you would like to get with the deal – if any, you will most certainly need to inquire and research which provider will give you the best deal for your money. Best deal considerations should include the price of the phone, if it is not given free of charge or at a nominal charge as a token of gratitude for signing up with that particular carrier; then it should include the price of the airtime plan, package or however the carrier decided to call the deal and what you get with the plan, i.e. airtime minutes, text messages and data transfer.

How to pick a phone

This is probably the most personal part of a mobile phone contract. If you choose to get a mobile phone together with the package, then you will have to find out which mobile phone is the most to your liking, compatible with your personality, fulfilling of your needs and requirements and simply can get the job done the way you want it. The choice is endless; phones are powerful and incredibly versatile and unless you have a clear idea which operating system is more to your liking, you will be lost after seeing the fourth or fifth offer. Generally speaking, there are not many OS choices. You have Android, the very popular and market leading OS owned by Google, but appropriated by manufacturers to fit their phones and target audiences as close as possible; then there is iOS by Apple, the iPhone, which actually started the whole Smartphone Craze a few years back, not market leading anymore, but still powerful and popular. Other choices include BlackBerry, which was very popular with the yuppies and is considered more of a business oriented solution and the newly running strong Windows Mobile, in the 8th incarnation, by Microsoft. Most of the other OS choices are either not very popular or straight-out obsolete.

How to pick a plan

This is a very tricky question, because the carrier companies are masterful in deception and hiding techniques. For instance, they write with huge, bold letters “unlimited”, but you find out that Wi-Fi is incredibly limited, as is the data transfer or rather the amount of internet data transmission is, despite sounding quite large with GB of data, gone before you know it, particularly if you watching any online HD content. Barely anybody nowadays agrees to a contract with limited talk time or messaging. Nevertheless, such plans exist as well and in the fight for customers, several new offers do happen to pop up. For instance, lately providers offer unlimited Wi-Fi, which is the areal Wi-Fi provided by the company – you must check out the coverage map, not all of the UK is covered. Furthermore, some carriers offer also an option, where during the term of the contract you get certain online services which are normally charged for free. You need to carefully examine what is out there and choose a plan that suits your budget and wishes as closely as possible.

What are the advantages of mobile phone contracts

If you have had a pay-as-you-go phone, you have most certainly topped up your credit during the month, most likely even several times. Additionally, you get billed for every started minute and sometimes you have the feeling that you pay much more than you actually use. With a contract, you can have unlimited calls and texts and do not have to think about how long you talk or how many messages you have sent. Additionally, the internet data transfer rates are horrible. In addition to that, you can afford to purchase a high end mobile phone as a part of your contract for a really low price, very often even get a deal where the phone is entirely free. Many providers nowadays offer also the option to upgrade your phone during the contract, meaning you can always use the latest available model.

What are the disadvantages of such a mobile phone contract

You are tied to one carrier for a prolonged amount of time, generally up to two years, without the possibility to switch providers, unless you pay a steep penalty fee. You also have to think about the commitment to pay for your phone service for the next two years, where late payments and missing payments may adversely reflect on your credit history. It can also happen that you lose track what you have spent of your monthly allowance and incur serious additional charges, which happens particularly often with internet data transfer. This might be an issue you have to consider, because it takes time for the online tracking or information SMS service to accumulate exact traffic data. What this means is that you browse the net for a while, then check your usage per SMS, see that you are in the clear, browse some more and still think you are within your plan. Tomorrow you remember to check again and suddenly you see that you have significantly surpassed your monthly allowance, which will result in additional charges on your next bill.