Choosing a service provider

serviceproviderYou want to sign a mobile phone contract, but you do not know how to pick your carriage service provider. You already are paying for your mobile phone usage as-you-go, or have decided that a monthly payment would be not only more convenient, but significantly cheaper, so you are switching to a postpaid plan, or you are simply starting completely new. It does not really matter what the reason is, but what matters is that you pick a proper provider and the right plan that suits your needs, wishes and expectations. In order to be able to make all the right decisions, some research will be required, which does not include the time you will spend picking the right phone.

What is out there

Budget considerations will be an issue, but only if you have to go as low as possible. If you are prepared to pay a decent amount on your monthly bill, say around 30 quid, then you will have plenty to pick from. Everything less will require that you consider some compromises in regards to internet data transfer and maybe the allowed amount of minutes and text messages. Everything more gives you more options to choose from and plenty of free services. Most important is that you choose how much talk time and text messages you want – if you do not want the unlimited packages – and how much data transfer you expect to spend. With the data you want to err on the side of more is better, because if you surpass your allowance the charges for traffic are horrendous.

If this does not sound spiffy enough

Nowadays, the phones that you can get with almost any contract surpass any expectations you may have, but choosing your phone is a completely another matter. Rest assured that any of the major carriers will most certainly have the phone you have in mind on offer and probably provide it either for free with your plan or at a cost that you can afford. Additional services may include Wi-Fi, which is provided by the BT Wi-Fi premium hotspots, over five million hotspots are available throughout the UK. There are also premium services available, such as Sky Sports Mobile, which are also provided for free by some carriers, as a bonus with your plan.

There is more

Since that the competition is really stiff, carriers are starting to offer a swap function for your chosen phone, where you can, during your contract, switch your current phone for a newer model. Some of the providers do not even charge for that service. In case that you have chosen one of the 4G enabled phones, you will opt for a 4G plan, which will provide you with lightning speed internet access and data transfer. Not to mention that you can make video phone calls without lagging, if your phone supports it. The bottom line is that you need to either define your budget and get a plan that gives you most of the stuff you need for your money, or you find the plan just right for you and pay for it.