Mobile phone contracts FAQ

What is the duration of such a contract?

Most common are contractual obligations that range from one year to two years, although the flexibility varies from carrier to carrier.

What do I need to take with me, when I go to sign such a contract?

You will need some personal identification with picture, two recent bills in your name that clearly reflect your address and you will most likely need to be on the electoral roll.

Which provider is the best?

There are several providers that are considered major companies, these providers are all reputable and solid. The choice of a particular one must be based on their performance rated by people you trust and the offer you find most attractive.

Can I get a phone with my contract?

Since that the competition is very steep, the choice of phones that are given at no cost or at a significantly reduced price is vast. All the major brands are featured, the best phones are offered at a fraction of their actual worth. With a good plan you can get a top of the line phone for next to nothing, if not for free.

What do I need to pay attention to?

You need, as with all contracts, to thoroughly read the whole contract, particularly the small print. Up until recently the so called fixed rates were not really fixed and in mid-contract the fees were sometimes raised. Such a practice has been now banned.

Are there any hidden charges?

Not really, but you need to clearly pay attention what you are signing for. Some plans have unlimited calls, unlimited text, but do not have unlimited data traffic. So despite your unlimited texting, an MMS may be charged additionally for the traffic the attached data used. Once you surpass the monthly allowance your plan is giving you, you will be charged for anything and everything beyond that point and generally these charges are not very favorable.

How do I pick a good plan?

Basically if you have unlimited calls and text, either unlimited data or limited data with unlimited Wi-Fi, you should be pretty safe, if you keep an eye on the data, in case it is limited. Additionally, you need to read in the contract and in the general terms and conditions, if the unlimited moniker is truly unlimited or understood as 5000 minutes and 5000 texts or something similar. While it would be an ordeal to really surpass that number of minutes, it is not impossible, so it is always a good thing to know exactly where you are standing.

Can I terminate the contract?

As a matter of fact, you are allowed to terminate the contract at any time, but you will be charged a termination fee, which may be large. If the carrier has violated the terms of the contract, which includes now the aforementioned fixed fee change, then you can terminate the contract at once, without charge.

Do I get to keep the phone?

Once you have fulfilled your contractual obligation, the phone is yours to keep. Same goes if the carrier violates the terms of the contract and a legal termination of the contract has been enforced to your favor.