Postpaid mobile phone service, what is that?

mobile-phoneEver since the smartphone boom that started with the release of the first iPhone, people have shown increased interest in mobile phones. Using mobile phones requires a service provide that will allow your phone to connect to their infrastructure, most commonly by means of a SIM card – which identifies you as a subscriber to the subscription provider. This subscription is provided by such a carrier, but in order to be a subscriber you either need to purchase a SIM and pay-as-you-go, or you sign a contract, which allows you to pay for your service plan by a monthly bill. This monthly bill is issued by your carrier and has a due date. Missing the payment due date may result in a disconnection from service and defaulting on the contract, which may incur further penalty fees, but generally it does take a while to reach this point. Such breaking of the contract will affect your credit rating.

Postpaid mobile phone service usually includes a contract, which binds you as a user to the carrier for a certain amount of time, most commonly a year or two years. For such commitment, the carrier often offers plenty of goodies, such as a free mobile phone or a top of the line mobile phone at a significantly reduced price; free Wi-Fi access to the BT Wi-Fi network; possibility to upgrade your mobile phone, after a while, for a newer model; reduced fees on all services; unlimited talk time; unlimited text messaging; unlimited internet data traffic and more, depending on the plan you have picked. Naturally, the higher the monthly rate, the more goodies you get, but most people do not really need everything there is on offer.

When you are signing such a postpaid plan, your credit history will be checked. Understandably, the carrier is concerned if you are capable of paying your monthly cost and will remain capable for the duration of the contract. Identification will be required, as well as two documents that prove your address, most likely a gas bill or a credit card bill. Once the credit check clears, which is very often immediately, you can pick your plan, your phone, pay for your phone, if it costs anything and you are good to go. Some carriers require that you are on the electoral roll. Make sure that you find out, before you go through the whole procedure for naught.

It is often a good idea to pick a carrier that your friends are using, because you can verify the quality of service. Additionally, a reputable provider will guarantee that your service functions well and that the customer service will be available, friendly and free. In cases where you are not certain or are undecided between two providers, go into their shop and have a consultation with the sales person. If you provide him with an offer from the competing carrier, they may put together a better offer for you, just to gain you as a customer. It is always wise to be well informed.