The advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone contracts

pros-and-consSigning a contract with one of the major mobile phone service providers in the UK is no easy decision. Figuring out if it is the right thing for you or not is thereby the least of your worries, because once you have found out how many of the are out there and just how many different offers they have, you will have to invest a serious amount of time in order to make a decision that will make you happy. To adequately consider the carriers you will have to know why is it smart to enter such a postpaid service obligation and if there are any disadvantages to it.

Is it cheaper to pay-as-you-go?

The answer to this question is simple, no, it is not cheaper, unless you are using your phone only for calling and you call twice or three times a day. Anything above that and you will wind up adding credit to your phone almost daily, surpassing even the most expensive postpaid plans, once you have got hooked on all the capabilities of a modern smartphone. In order to properly use a smartphone, you simply have to have the freedom to not count every minute you talk, spend online or text somebody. Some degree of liberation from limitations is required to enjoy a good smartphone, which is something you cannot get if you have to pay for every minute, second, byte and text extra.

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The choice is mind-boggling; unless you have already a clear idea which phone you want to buy or at least have your choice limited to only a few models, you will get lost once the phones start parading in front of your eyes. Processor cores, GB of RAM, processing speed, pixel density, size of display, resolution, HD, camera, flash, storage capacity and who knows what other currently important feature, all of these will blur into a cavalcade of words without meaning, unless you already have an idea of what you want. The best solution is to pick one, two, but no more than three phone models for consideration and make the final decision in the store. Anything above it will just confuse you and you will not be able to make a sane decision. Keep in mind, though: no plan, no free phone.

A package, a plan, monthly charge

In a postpaid situation you will have to pay a monthly bill for your service; for two years, most likely. The amount of that bill can be a fixed cost amount, which will change only if you incur charges outside of your plan – these charges are very steep. Making a good estimate how much you will talk, text or surf in advance, if you are a novice, is impossible. Even people who are on some kind of a plan for years already have problems ascertaining such a thing. For that very reason you should consider the unlimited options on stuff that you will most likely need, like unlimited talk time and unlimited texting. If you intend to surf a lot on the internet, then you really need some traffic data allowance as well, which can be lower if you get the Wi-Fi option as well.